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ENDURO Timing is committed to making Fully Automatic Timing

available at an affordable price. The ENDURO Timing Network  has

also developed an on-line data entry website that is as easy to use

as a clipboard and pencil.  This allows coaches to enter their athletes

giving the host school or club the ability to maximize the benefits

of Fully Automatic Timing (F.A.T.).  As a result, athletes can spend

less time in the heating area and results can be provided faster.

The host school or club and all of the teams that attend your meet

(timed by ENDURO Timing) can use ENDURO Entries at no cost. 


In order to keep the cost as low as possible, ENDURO Timing also

utilizes personnel from the host, which gives your school or club an

opportunity to have key people within your organization trained on

methods and procedures that are important for the successful use

of Fully Automatic Timing. Therefore, if your school or club purchases

an F.A.T. system, you will already have key people with basic timing

experience and knowledge.  Multiple schools and clubs have already

taken advantage of this built-in service to obtain their own affordable

        Fully Automatic Timing System. - - - Yours could be next.


If your school or YES-Athletics club decides to purchase your own FAT

system as part of the "ENDURO Network", you will have access to

technical service - when you need it (24-7-365) from network members.

For more information please also visit www.enduroeventmanager.com


ENDURO Timing - affordable - accurate - part of The ENDURO Network


























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